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How Strong is MAGnet Gun Caddy?

The MGC utilizes the strongest Soft (rubber) Magnet that can be manufactured at these dimensions. It's 1/4" thick with dual poles in both directions. Which means it's going to hold strong to the metal surface, will resist sliding, and will not corrode.

A balance was required between the holding strength needed to safely secure the gun/magnet to the metal surface, but not too strong that it would cause scratching of a painted metal surface. That, and other issues, are why neodymium or other magnets are not practical for this application.

The soft high-energy rubber magnet will not scratch paint, and it will not corrode. To use, just wipe a small surface area to rid it of dust or dirt and place the MGC),. 

So, how strong is it?

Well it's not overly hard to pull off, but plenty strong enough to secure your gun upright while the stock rests on the ground or floor. 

To give you some perspective, you could drive around with the MGC on your vehicle all day at highway speeds - it'll stay on just fine.

Also check out the video below - it's rough, but it clearly shows the relative strength of the magnet and the holding power of the universal foam barrel holder. 

Note: The gun utilized in the video is a 20 Gauge o/u double barrel shotgun.


Note: This sporting goods version of The MAGnet Gun Caddy is NOT intended to be used in a moving vehicle to hold a firearm. It was specifically designed for stationary use (a temporary place to rest your gun) with the stock resting on the ground or floor.

 Always unload your gun before using.



Don't Rest Your Gun like this! Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy



Use the MAGnet Gun Caddy as a staging point in and ourt of your gun safe


North American Hunting Club seal of Approval for the Magnet Gun Caddy



The MAGnet Gun Caddy - Made In USA! 


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