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Field Tested and Seal of Approval by North American Hunt Club members for the Magnet Gun Caddy
Many of the following testimonials were provided by North American Hunting Club (NAHC) Field Testing Members. The MAGnet Gun Caddy past with flying colors and is highly reccomended by the members.
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"With the amount of time we spend in the field, both hunting and running hunt tests for gun dogs,the most important thing in our business is firearm safety.  The Magnet Gun Caddy is a safe and secure way to have shotguns out of the case and leaned up against the truck while we get dogs and other gear ready for the field.  The Upland Gundog Association and our customers use the Magnet Gun Caddy regularly and highly recommend it to anyone"
Ryan Eder
President & CEO
Upland Gundog Association

"This product is wonderful for holding your gun up off the ground while you may be getting gun case or other equipment. We all know how we never like to lay our gun down on the ground or other surfaces that may contaminate the gun with debris."

- Paul Hopkins

"The ability to safely secure your long gun to a vehicle's side was a need overlooked for a long time. This simple mechanism allows a hunter to safely rest a gun against a vehicle while dealing with pre or post hunt issues such as keys, ammo, dogs, etc without worrying about the gun getting wet on the ground or falling over while resting against a tree or rock. I had a chance earlier this month to try this product on a small game hunt. A great idea at a good price."

- Ted Pokorski

"It is very easy to use and really solves the problem of where to set your gun while opening your truck."

- Neal Workman

"Great idea. Always looking for places to put the gun before or after a hunt."

- Gerald Harrington

"Worked like a champ! The magnet is very strong and durable for any tough day afield. Liked the gripping action when placing the barrel into caddy, it doesn't move!"

- Jason Miller

"It's a great idea for an affordable, usable product! It's on the side of my gun safe right now but soon to be in my truck with a few more, thanks."

- Matt Lane

"I brought the magnet gun caddy when I went skeet shooting. It was perfect for holding my shotgun while I was loading and unloading my equipment from my truck and in between rounds. It is compact enough to toss in a shooting bag."

- Chris Riccio

"Not something I thought I would need, but now I wouldn't want to go without it. A great way to protect your vehicle and weapons from scratches and dings."

- Eric D Schroeder

"Wow! What a great idea. This product is a great idea in safety. I am always coming back from a day of hunting and end up leaning my firearm against the truck, between the cab and the box, or on top of the hood, so i can get my keys out. No more fear of ruining my firearms by having them slide to the ground."

- Robbie Zundel

"It is a great thing to have. I don't know how many times that I have put a gun on the tailgate to put on a jacket or a coat. Now it can be done a lot safer."

- Matthew Rockhold

"What a great idea. I use it when I take my guns out of my safe. I now can rest the gun against the safe using magnet gun caddy."

- Michael Vance

"I just received this device and have already put it to use. Like resting against my gun safe. I installed a piece of metal on my ATV fender and now when I'm using my ATV I can rest my gun there as well as my pickup. I found that while cleaning my gun I can support the barrel also while in the field. I've even found that it makes a good rest for my pistol while cleaning and making adjustments."

- Steven L. Coley

"I used this product outside my gun safe to secure it while getting out ammo and shooting supplies. I screwed a metal plate to a 2x4 in my deer blind so the gun doesn't lean against the wall or get knocked over, it keeps it ready."

- Frank T Gecan

"I recommending this magnet gun caddy for the sole purpose that it works. I kept it on my truck for month without taking it off just to see if it would stay there and it did. I also wanted to see if it would scratch my truck - which it did not."

- Derek Parks

"This product is perfect for any bird or rabbit hunter when unloading and packing everything into your vehicle. Now you don’t have to search for a place to rest your gun anymore."

- Jordan Harris

"I've used another type of magnet in the past, but the Magnet Gun Caddy offers a much greater level of reliability than anything I've used in the past. While on a ‘Cast and Blast’. "

- Tony Reny

"Great product. Found it to be very useful in the field setting my gun along side my truck while putting on my hunting clothes also used it the other day when i was cleaning multiple guns have a metal pole in cellar took gun off cleaning bench and used the magnet to hold gun while I was cleaning the other one - great product, easy to use."

- Stu Krasavage

"I consider the MagNet Gun Caddy to be a necessary camp site, gun protection device, while guns are not in storage cases."

- Ronald Harter

"I've had guns slip and slide down the side of my truck in the past. This solves the problem and doesn't cause damage to the gun or the vehicle."

- Larry Stevens

"I went hunting with some of my friends today and took the gun holder with me for everyones opinion on this product. Some of my friends are in the big game record book with some of their animals taken. This caliber of hunter was impressed with its simpliciy. They all tried it along with me, and were impressed. It's good, affordable and simple to use and it's portable."

- Robert J Levandoski

"I've used other magnetic long gun holders and it cost me a paint job when the front sight scratched the side of the bed of my truck. I tried to get this product to slide and had to literally fall against it to get it to slip. I'd trust it to hold even my expensive hunting rifle. For  around $10, I wouldn't change a thing."

- Frank Beachel

"I would recommend this product to all NAHC Members or anyone for that matter. The Gun Caddy finally allows you to lean your gun up against your vehicle without worrying about the gun scratching the vehicle or the gun sliding across the vehicle and landing in the snow or mud. It is a great tool for protecting our hunting assets."

- Randy L Wells

"I would definitely recommend this product for active hunters. This product allows you to get last minute things ready for a hunt while not worry about what to do with your gun."

- Matthew Varone

"This product gives me a safe and secure place to lean my gun against whether it is at the range against my truck or in my garage against my refrigerator while cleaning it. It’s small enough to place in a range box. Easy to use!"

- Doug Landolt

"This product solves the issue of temporary gun storage at your vehicle. Its creative design and safety feature make it a must have for any gun enthusiast."

- Ray Swierczynski

"It's a small, portable, reliable accessory that does its job and frees up your hands for getting your gear together while protecting your gun. I really like it and wonder why no one has come up with the idea before."

- William G Ritter

"The Magnetic Gun Caddy is such a simple idea that once you see it you think, why didn't someone think of this before. I brought it on a pheasant hunt recently and my Remington 870 fit great in it. The magnet stuck very well to the bed-side of my truck. The 3 guys I went on the hunt with were all jealous that I had the Mag. Caddy and they didn't."

- Jared S. Edwards

"The Magnet Gun Caddy is a great tool. It is a way to safely and securely hold your favorite hunting weapon. I can’t count the times my hunting buddies have propped their weapon up against the side of their vehicle to have the weapon fall or slide down the side of the vehicle. The Magnet Gun Caddy eliminates this type of accident from happening to your favorite weapon. A product like this would have saved my hunting partner hundreds of dollars last year when this very thing happened to him. He had his weapon propped up against his jeep and when he reached in the vehicle to retrieve and item, the weight shifted in the vehicle and caused his Encore to slide over and fall to the ground putting a large scratch on the vehicle and a dent in the barrel of the Encore. The repair for this was over a few hundred dollars. With the Magnet Gun Caddy this type of accident would have never happened. Great product. Very easy to use. Just place the Magnet Gun Caddy on a clean spot on the side of your hunting vehicle at the desired height and you will never have an accident like this again. I know what I’m going to be giving for Christmas this year to my hunting partners. The MAGENT GUN CADDY."

- Donald Berry

"I would recommend the magnet because it made getting ready in the field faster and easier. I use mine to store my extra shotgun barrels. I am going to buy extras to carry with me and leave and leave the barrels where they are."

- Jim Smith

"Finally some one has come up with an alternative to laying your expensive guns on the ground or tailgate. Holds most rifles and shotguns, from .22 to 12 GA. that I tested. Just raise or lower for best location. Great product. I take mine with me every time I head out. Thanks."

- Thomas MacDonald

"An amazing product. Intend to buy several to have for holding multiple guns and to give to others as gifts."

- Jered Brueggen

"Worked exactly as advertised. Stick the non-marring magnet to a door or fender, insert your gun into the foam jaws and no more worrying about your gun falling and scratching your hunting rig. Drop it in a vest pocket when it's time to hit the fields."

- Kevin Santee

"I Just field tested the Mag Gun Caddy for the NAHC [North American Hunting Club] what a great tool it turned out to be not only for holding my gun when getting out more gear, but also when cleaning my guns. I also used them for storing my guns on the side of my gun cabinet till I get my new one - it’s works better then leaning them in the corner of my closet. Just thought you to hear how great it is."

- Mark

"I’ve been looking for an item like this for years, and was very excited when I found it online. I used to have one that was for 4 guns, but it didn't actually hold the barrel (they just leaned against it), and it was much larger. I really like the small size and light weight design – I can just store it in my pocket. It's just more effective and convenient. Someone finally got it right! "

- Mike Anderson,
Sioux Falls, SD

"Once in a while you run into a product that makes you scratch your head and ask yourself, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s so simple. Your product was one of those light bulb moments. I bought three of these gun magnets now and I’m down to one because my friends keep stealing them."

Just wanted you to know it's a great idea and I'm glad I found it.
- Larry Olson,
Eden Prairie, MN

"The Magnet Gun Caddy is a "must have" for every hunter. This is an easy and cost effective way to protect your gun."
- Brian,
Minneapolis, MN

"The MAGnet Gun Caddy works GREAT! When I am getting ready for a hunt it is always great to know I can get my gun out and secure it in a safe place while getting the rest of my gear ready. Now I don’t have to always look for a safe place to put my gun down, I have the perfect place."
- Greg Kes,
Prior Lake, MN

"I used the Gun Caddy for the first time this season while hunting pheasant in South Dakota and with 9 dogs in our hunting party running around, it was real piece of mind to know that our guns were always safe and secure in our Gun Caddies."
- Bill J,
Minnetonka, MN


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North American Hunting Club seal of Approval for the Magnet Gun Caddy



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