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"With the amount of time we spend in the field, both hunting and running hunt tests for gun dogs, the most important thing in our business is firearm safety.  The Magnet Gun Caddy is a safe and secure way to have shotguns out of the case and leaned up against the truck while we get dogs and other gear ready for the field.  The Upland Gundog Association and our customers use the Magnet Gun Caddy regularly and highly recommend it to anyone"

Ryan Eder
President & CEO
Upland Gundog Association


Mike Moncada
Executive Vice President
Upland Gundog Association

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"When you get to your hunting location or when you arrive at your shooting range, you may do what I’ve done for years and that is, lean the gun against your truck when getting your stuff ready. We’ll, do this long enough and you’ll experience what its’ like to have a gun slide off your truck or trip over it in the dark.

Not only can this create a dangerous situation but you can damage your vehicle and or gun. That’s the exact problem the Magnet Gun Caddy can prevent..."

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Upland Feathers Review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

"When I first came along the Magnet Gun Caddy I quickly lumped it into the gadget category along with battery-operated socks, 5-in-1 baklavas and hunting knives with gut hooks. Gadget. Gadget. And gadget.

But then I used the Magnet Gun Caddy...

How many times does this happen. You are all set to walk into the field when you realize you have forget something—shot shells, the dog whistle, maybe leashes. So you lean your gun against the truck and before you retrieve the forgotten item your gun has slide along the side of your F-150 creating a permanent and lasting scratch and your prized shotgun is in the dirt. The Magnet Gun Caddy avoids all of that..."

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Ben G Outdoors Review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

"Have you ever been out hunting, got back to your vehicle, and leaned your gun up against it. This always happens as soon as you walk away your gun falls on the ground and scratches your truck. I know I’ve had this happen to me several times. I always cringe when I see it happening because I know I can’t get there in time to stop it.

The Magnet Gun Caddy (MGC) makes this a thing of the past. You will never have to worry about your truck/car getting scratched again, or your gun getting damaged from an unnecessary fall." 

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Hunting Life Review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

"I am constantly on the lookout for great simple products that can help hunters be a little safer at a reasonable price point.  The Magnet Gun Caddy is just such a product.  It has a soft sided magnet that sticks to the side of your vehicle and some foam that allows you to slide in the barrel of your rifle or shotgun into the foam and protects the side of your vehicle from scrapes and protects your gun from falling onto the ground..."

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Heritage Hunters Review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

"Once again, falling under the heading of “I wish I thought of that” is the Magnet Gun Caddy.   This Handy device is simple, small enough to fit in any pack or vest and works with a variety of gun configurations.  When is the last time you needed to lean your gun against something while getting ready for a hunt?  The Magnet Gun Caddy provides an instant and secure gun rest against anything metal.

First Impressions: We found the Magnet Gun Caddy to be smaller than we expected.  These things are compact and the foam that secures the gun barrel is more rugged than we imagined..."

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Mostly Archery and Skinny Nose Media Reiview the Magnet Gun Caddy

"Preventing Disaster - Thanks to Skinny Moose Media I had the opportunity to review the Magnet Gun Caddy.  The Caddy is a small plastic and foam device with a magnet on the back.  It is made to hold a gun upright against your car or truck before or after your field outing. 

The picture on their website showing a shotgun leaning unassisted against a truck brings back memories of youthful pheasant and quail hunting in my native Kansas.  A damaged sight bead, a scratched gun, a scratched vehicle, a disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t think they would have released the product to the public or asked us to review it if it wouldn’t hold up a measly shotgun or rifle so I decided to give it an opportunity to hold up some real iron..." 

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Othmar Vohringer's Review of the Magnet Gun Caddy

"The Magnet Gun Caddy is one of these rare “Wow” moments and as with most of these exceptional products the genius lays in the sheer simplicity of the design that fulfills a real need. I lost count of how many times I came back to the truck from a hunting or fishing trip with both hands full of gear. I would have to lean the rifle, gun or fishing rod against the truck to free one hand up to get the key out of my pocket and unlock the truck.

More times than I care to remember the firearm or gun slipped and fell to the ground scratching the paint on the truck in the course of it. With the Magnet Gun Caddy this will never happen again..."

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